Verba volant, scripta manent.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain

Company Start

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The first step is the most important thing in every activity. It can be a thought, or an action, or a blog post… In DevAtlant company’s history the first think I remember, was a travel by car from Kiev to my native city Dniepropetrovsk.

And I would like to start this blog by describing when and how the idea to built my own company appeared.

So in hot summer 2015, somewhere in Ukrainian steps between Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk, the idea to launch a software company was born. It took several months to actually start the company development from the ground.

ukraine step

After working for a while as employee for big and small software companies and taking different responsibilities, I accumulated enough knowledge to make a step forward, take some risk and start my own business.

Being a software engineer, I’m passionated by the opportunity to discover and learn something new, especially in technical field. Our industry forces us to always learn and having few new books to read before going to sleep. Otherwise your knowledge will be outdated and you couldn’t reuse the best tools that others engineers invent to simplify various tasks. But I learned not only the low level programming stuff like how to debug the performance issue on a JVM in production, but I was interested a lot how to make the project from the business perspective:

  • Approach the customer
  • Sales and marketing principles
  • Understand the customer business problems
  • Make commercial offer
  • Negotiate the price
  • Business strategy